69 Best Christmas Gifts for your girlfriend of 2019

Every holiday people always try to answer the new-old question, “What do women want?”. And most of them, unfortunately, fail to find an answer! . What they should be asking is, “What do women love?” It is from that question, and after years of trial and errors, that our 2019 Christmas gifts must have for women list was born! This year, give her something different that should be unique, more useful, more exciting, nerdy, more luxurious, touching, and even maybe a little homemade.

Sleep Master Sleep Mask

Someone very wise probably said, “Sleep is the key to happiness”. It can improve memory, reduce stress and the desire to reward the giver of such a thoughtful present is all proven benefits of a good night’s sleep. Show her you’re invested in her health and well-being.

Picnic Backpack

For the classy and adventurous lady in your life. All of the necessary components for an unforgettable picnic are included, Moreover you will make a quick escape when the grizzly bears turn up.

Vibram Running Shoes

Always treat her toes with a heavenly experience by investing in these uniquely designed running shoes. That cushion offers complete protection where the foot needs it most.

The 4-Hour Chef

Help your talented chef fulfill her dreams with this most entertaining and information-packed guide to “cooking like a pro, it helps to learn anything, and live a good life”. Start playing your cards and you might just reap the benefits of this new and improved lifestyle of hers.

Soup Bowls With Chopsticks and Spoons

Try to achieve complete enlightenment with this bowl designed to fit perfectly with your hand palm. The bowl serves double duty as a cup, so if she is slurping down cereal or green tea, she can sit back, rest, relax, and bask in the wonderful simplicity in her life.

Moroccan Tea Glasses

Help your woman to be in her inner Moroccan spirit with these splendid tea glasses. They are useful for serving beverages or setting the mood using tea light candles, they are much cheaper alternatives to flying to Morocco by yourself. Unless you own a magic carpet. In this case, you may be live in Morocco.

Recycled Glass Vases

Any woman will admire her home with these unconfidently, modern-looking vases. They are made from recycled materials which is just fine. Buy her some fresh flowers to be in them, and you will soon become the crown jewel of her life.

Woolrich Slippers

Always make sure that your girl never gets cold feet with these comfortable, warm wool slippers.

BMC Clutch Handbag

This artistic bag will add greatly strength to your girl’s ensemble, and it’s practical too! The internal pockets are able to keep everything organized while the outside is style. As her eyes light upon this gift, first of all she will ask, “Where’d you find this Christmas gift?!”

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuse

Any Beatles fans on your Christmas gift list? This Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser is such a smart idea to make some tea. It’s very simple to empty some loose-leaf tea into the silicone submarine, then add it in hot water, and watch as the colors and flavors blend together. Afterwards, Put it in the dishwasher for cleaning.

Five-Star Terry Robe

You can change your woman’s home into her own personal spa. Just by giving her this luxurious robe usually found in luxurious hotels. She won’t even take notice that she’s not really at a five-star hotel… or that you forgot to get actual spa passes.

Avocado Huggers

The never-ending conflict of a Cooking Mom to preserve a half-cut avocado has just come to an end! This Christmas, try to stuff her stocking with these Avocado Huggers. They fit only tight enough on an avocado to keep it from turning its color into brown in the fridge. However, it’s gentle enough not to cause any bruising to the fruit.

Wish Lanterns

When the lantern takes its way higher and higher into the sky, it gets much mesmerizing, especially when several others join it in a wish party. Don’t hesitate to throw one for her right away! It’s an ideal for a Christmas gift idea.

Bath Bombs

Not many things are more relaxing than a nice hot bath, you can provide her bath with these bath bombs which are made from bath salts. They have the ability to make the water feel and smell better and help relax her. It’s the appropriate Christmas gift idea for her.

Envirosax Market Bag

These bags for shopping are totally amazing! They are colorful, exciting and environmentally friendly. They will soon turn up the fun factor on your girl’s most worldly grocery store runs.

Novelty Zipper Bookmarks

Your friends who are bookworms are in for a deal this Christmas…Although you are broke. One order of these Novelty Zipper Bookmarks will make you three single bookmarks to pass around. This is a fun, beautiful Christmas gift that is great for Christmas if you give to your coworkers and even better for your teachers.

Burberry Brit Eau De Parfum

Perfume as a Christmas gift may often be a bit cliché. If you know what’s not cliché. Perfume which is from Burberry. That’s just plain classy and an ideal gift.

Philosophy Birthday Girl Gift Set

Allow her to know more about your philosophy on giving remarkable gifts by bequeathing this delightfully indulgent set of skincare products upon her. It might say Birthday Girl, but this gift will be welcome on any occasion especially for Christmas.

Le Creuset Honey Pot

Should resolve the embarrassing situation of what to give her by buying this adorable honey pot. You can even get with a honey dipper, but you should feel free to go Winnie-the-Pooh style and use for your hands. it’s a good Christmas gift.

Le Creuset French Oven

The French people are popular with their divine cuisine. She will be very pleased when she begins to cook with the Le Creuset French Oven. Warn the French chefs, “A new cook appeared in the town”.

Kindle Fire HD 8

Lit her passion for technology by giving her the Kindle Fire HD 8. She will be able to instantly access to many things, such as books, movies, email and more! Instant gratification is equal to eternal gratitude, so you will earn main points with this Christmas gift. Only when she’s done checking Facebook…

Kindle Paperwhite

Your favorite bookworm will surely love you forever on the time you give her one of the most advanced e-reader in the world. Enjoy 8 weeks of battery life and its capacity to hold up to 1,100 books, She will be the most well-read woman in the world. A good Christmas gift for her.

Boo Plush

Always try to satisfy her desire for pure unadulterated fantastic with this plush animal of Boo, the world’s cutest dog. It’s completely a thing. I swear. Look it up. Boo even has his own boo-k. It’s very beautiful

Barefoot Contessa Foolproof

She will have the ability to kick off her shoes and join Ina Garten in the kitchen using this wonderful cookbook directly from the Barefoot Contessa herself.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook

There is only one thing she will be charming with after having this Christmas gift that is you… and the cookbook, of course. But mainly you.

Magic Mike XXL

Channing Tatum without a shirt on. Again. “That is enough” he said.

Brookstone Massaging Bed Rest

Think of giving her the gift of relaxation anytime without even asking her to get out of bed! The bed rest has everything you imagine, from a cup holder to a pocket for carrying books and magazines. The only danger you can face with this Christmas gift is that she will fall in love too much with it. only kidding, that’s impossible. It’s amazing.

Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Our feet may be the most neglected parts. Try to show her a lot of care about every part of her body from her head to her toes with this amazing luxurious massaging foot warmer. When her stress goes away at the end of a long day, you will be there to see her appreciative smile on her face.

Fitness & Health Care Watch

Do her hobbies include such ones as spelunking, tuna fishing and going out for rocking in damp, dark sites? Then it is the most appropriate Christmas gift for her! They’re also very good resistant to water and they can be used as a personal health monitor as well. Choose one of the different available stylish colors, and be punctual to look so good.it is a good Christmas gift for her.

Lomography Diana F+ Camera

This iconic 1960s lo-fi camera has the ability to help the photographer in his life produce whimsical masterpieces just with every click of the shutter. Try to get a haircut as you may be about to be the aim of a groovy photo shoot.


She is going to admire this sleek very much. It’s a modern herb garden that fits perfectly on a kitchen counter at the top. Moreover, it has a wide variety of herbs and veggies at her fingertips which will make her status as solid as chef extraordinaire.

Miniature EcoSphere

Prove how far is your Christmas gift giving skills using this wonderful miniature ecosystem. Moreover, it needs low maintenance, so once you get the ecosystem set up, you may both sit back, relax, rest and watch your new world as it is going to come to life.

Dean & Deluca Spice Rack

Win some main points by giving her this elegant spice stand. The spices are efficiently and fashionably shown in very clear test tubes, so they allow her to effortlessly excel the science of seasoning.

Adagio Teas Tea Of The Month Club

What’s much better than offering a delicious, piping hot cup of tea? Only when that tea delivered directly to your doorstep monthly. Try to send her on a year-long journey of tea discovery with Adagio’s Tea of the Month Club. Surely she will thank you so much for it, when she finishes that last cup…

Himalayan Salt Lamp

She is going to bathe in the surrounding lighting from this Himalayan salt lamp and get the profits of the purified air she receives. It’s made from real chunks of salt, there are no two lamps which are the same and each one has its own distinctive look and glow.

Flower Floral Makeup Bag/Pencil Case

Only one order of these beautiful floral bags gets you three single bags. So you have more than one gift to give to your older sister who may use it as a makeup bag, another one to your younger sister who may use it as a pencil case as well as you have one else left over to give to anyone you love.

Sari Bag

You don’t have to say “sari” for a not good Christmas gift again! This colorful purse made from recycled saris which is a surefire way to guarantee that she is going to love your gift. Every bag is handcrafted by the cleverest artisans in India, which ensures a unique, wonderful, personal touch.

Birth Month Flower Necklaces

No one says “I heard when you told me what time your birthday is” by giving her a unique personalized necklace of the flower which is symbolizing her birth month. Make sure that chances don’t come many times. She may not actually know which her birth month flower is, but even if you weren’t listening, be assured that any of them can still make a nice Christmas gift.

It is for the germ-conscious woman in your life, choose this sponge shelf which is designed to keep sponges out, separated and germs at bay. The fight against grime has just got a lot more interesting.