Best Christmas Gifts ideas  for Dads of 2019

It’s not very difficult for Dad to go shopping for this Christmas, and look for unique gifts for dads. It is now a breeze with the most extensive list below. We have sorted all the different kinds of gifts there and present them to you 100+ Christmas gifts for dads that they are sure to make dads smile about for months to come.


Golf Swing Trainer

This swing trainer is especially made to help dad get his swing down properly so when he gets out on the links he will find good swings and a good game because of it. It enables him to train his muscle memory so that he can remember what a good swing likes and can really not over think his swing when he is in a game.



Go-Anywhere Grill

The Go Anywhere Grill claims that has the ability to go anywhere and allow you to grill with it. If Dad is a tailgating fan, or camping lover, he’ll love this grill mostly because it really can set up in a jiffy and cook anywhere you may think of. Not only that but you can get similar results to the type you get from the traditional grill.

Chili and Pepper Kit

If your family admires spicy food, so this gift will be the unique, ideal Christmas gift that you can think of. It’s a kit that’ll give you the ability to grow 6 different varieties of hot chilis and sweet peppers. In addition, since the time you will be growing them yourself, there’ll be no added chemicals or other ingredients so you’ll be sure that they’re organic and healthy.

Dad Picture Frame

With most of the technologies and devices that allow us to take photos. Nowadays we can never seem to take enough. This frame is the perfect manner to enable you store one of those photos of a father and his child. The big “Dad” letters and a message written at the bottom along with the photo, which will always remind him of his family.

Pulled Pork Shredder Claws

The pulled pork is a unique way of cooking that may be enjoyed in many different aspects. There is a problem that it can be very hard and time consuming if you don’t have tools which aren’t proper. These claws are a cool unique gift idea that will give dad the chance to prepare that delicious meal easily and quickly more than ever, and you’ll get used to eat it!

Syma Helicopter

This helicopter is just as the ones you can see sold in the traditional malls, only for far less. It gives a lot of fun for dads that love aviation and they are kids at heart. It’s also wonderful for them to go outside and have a lot of fun activity with the kids.

Cordless Snow Blower

This snow blower has the ability to help your dad tackle the big piles of snow this winter without contributing to any kind of air pollution. It is really cordless, so your dad won’t have to worry about staying within the range of the house, or filling it up with gasoline. It has a lot of power which enables to get the job done easily, even though it runs only on batteries.

One Remote to Rule Them All

If Dad wants to hog the remote, give him the most advanced technological remote out which can control all the devices in the area, and even syncs up with a smartphone so that he can use his phone to control all things. He’ll impossibly worry about losing this remote, now he will have to worry double only about losing his smartphone.

Christmas Story 20″ Lamp

This is a wonderful Christmas gift idea for all dads because it comes straight from the movie” The Christmas Story”, and it is considered a replica lamp as the “major award” the dad in that movie has won. If Dad loves to turn on the TV and watch “The Christmas Story” every year, he’ll surely love having his own personal leg lamp.

WiFi FPV Drone with HD Camera

Drones are new and amazing, but that does not prevent them from being affordable and they come in different shapes and sizes. This compact drone has an HD Camera, which can stream straight to your phone screen. You can combine it with a VR headset for the closest sensation you are going to get.

Hot Dog Toaster

Do dads adore hot dogs as much as the kids do? This toaster can cook those delicious hot dogs in a few minutes so you’ll always have a quick meal which is ready to go. It’s greatly faster than the traditional boil way and it can also toast the buns for more delicious additions.

James Bond Cologne

All dads dream of living the Bond lifestyle, so this makes them one step much closer to the 007 cologne. It’s a wonderful cologne to put on when he’s dressed up for a night around the town, and it will make him feel as if he’s the man. If Dad wants to wear cologne, and he’s always searching for a new scent or a smart gimmicky bottle, this is the best one for him.

The Civil War by Ken Burns

Help him know more about the Civil War, or learn much about it if he’s a Civil War buff with this helping documentary by Ken Burns. It has a lot of details, some of the lesser-known facts are about the war, and it takes a renewable angle that he likely hasn’t seen before in a traditional war documentary.

Zombie Cajun Hot Sauce

This hot sauce is surely going to wake up Dad’s taste buds, and it’s a wonderful gift if he hot and spicy foods appeal to him, or if he just his life to be with reckless abandon. It always comes in four different flavors so he has the opportunity to choose the ones he likes more, and he can also decide which ones he wants to leave alone in the coming future.
Seagate Expansion 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0
Nowadays, all things are moving towards the digital era. For that reason cameras are no exception. You just get one shot when you get those lifelong memories and first steps, so you should make sure they stay safe and allow him somewhere to store those happy Christmas photos, with an additional external hard drive.

Mr. Beer Brewing Kits

These are the most famous beer brewing kits on the whole market, and for this good reason. They have everything you need to start brewing your own beer, even if it is the first time you have brewed a batch of beer. Many homebrew enthusiasts have their start with a Mr. Beer wonderful brewing kit, so don’t be amazed if Dad surely turns up the hobby.

Leatherman Multi Tool

This multi tool from Leatherman is provided with a lot of useful gadgets that Dad can use if he wants to fix things all over the house, and it’s very nice to have when something breaks. It’s better than carrying around a big toolbox, or storing a bunch of tools, he can have many things he is in need for them all in one place.
Sphere Ice Ball Maker
The sphere ice ball maker is going to make balls instead of cubes, which are suitable for show. They are really good in a glass of whiskey. They are nice and smooth and they are still do a good job to get the whiskey cold then keeping it cold. He may need to use them in other drinks as well as sodas and juice.

Nest Smart Thermostat

This thermostat is one of the smartest thermostats, and it has the ability to keep track of your patterns so that it knows about your habits and learns what time you need to have the heat on, or when you’re far away and you don’t need the house much warmer. It also allows you to access your thermostat from anywhere your smartphone can get a signal, so you can pre-heat your home before your arrival.

Bar Tool Set

This set contains all the tools dad needs to repair a bar and produce awesome drinks. If he admires to play the bartender at family gatherings as well as other parties, he’s certainly going to love having this handy set as he can extend his operations and try to produce more complicated drinks. It includes everything he needs to feel like a real bartender.
Infrared Golf Simulator
This is a funny way to allow Dad to play golf even if the weather outside isn’t proper for this. He can play as many games as he desires with this golf simulator that uses infrared beams to repeat where the ball goes. In fact he swung a wonderful club on a real course.

Sony 75-Inch 4K Ultra HDTV

The Sony 4K TV shows the ultimate picture you can get for Christmas gifts this year, and takes HD to the following level. 75 inches is just the proper viewing size for most rooms, and this TV will seem very great in Dad’s cave. If you believe that HD is crisp and clear, only wait till you see the picture on this unique 4K model.

The Art of Fixing Things

repairing things is form of art, and if Dad wants to learn it there’s no much better book on it than this one. If he is already the experienced artist with what comes to fix things, he is going to love this book which has a lot of philosophy on what it takes to fix things the proper way.