23+ best jewelry birthday gifts for moms


Personalized Mother and Children Initial Necklace with Heart

This wonderful necklace features the names of Mom’s children in addition to her name as the foundation. Each piece of the necklace is at the top of another, creating a nested effect and keeping all the family members together. You can decide how many pieces you need, up to four as total.

Mother and Baby Birds, Mothers Necklace

This beautiful necklace consists of a family of birds, a mother bird with her baby birds beside her. Many moms relate to the analogies of chicks as they leave the nest, or push a bird out of the nest in order to learn how to fly. This is a great souvenir that your mother will surely consider it as a treasure.

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Birth Month Flower Necklace


Get mom a necklace signifying the year she was born with these birth month flower necklaces. Each flower represents a different month of the year, so this is a personalized gift that shows that you went to the extra trouble of making it special for her. It’s even better when she’s a fan of the flower of her month.

Antique Finish Kaleidoscope Necklace

This necklace is a very distinctive necklace because it is an actual working kaleidoscope. Different materials are used on a very small scale to make this work, like glass from the sea as well as minerals. These are handmade and bear the artist initials so they have the touch of an artisan craft.

Makeup Jewelry Storage Carrying Case Cosmetics

One place with a jewelry roll is enough to keep all of mom’s jewelry organized in. These are monogrammed with her initials, or just only one letter. They come in different colors so you can choose the right one. It has also zippers and pockets to hold a lot of different types and sizes of jewelry and snaps which are shut to keep them secure.

Bird Nest Egg Necklace

These necklaces have a metallic orb with a bird carved onto it. If you open up the orb, you’ll see a number of eggs signifying each of her children. These eggs are made from Peruvian opal, while the egg is made from a combination of copper and silver.

Murano Glass Beads Charm Bracelet

These bracelets are particularly made in Murano, Italy which is known for the best glass-blowing experts around the world. You can decide whether you choose a gold leaf, or a silver leaf style. They suit Mom best but the choice of beads changes because it depends on the color chosen for the bracelet.

Personalized Children Charms Mothers Necklace

Mom is always waiting there to catch you and hold you tightly, and you can show her that you know this as a fact with these mother and child necklaces. You can choose up to three children, and you can mix or match the genders. These are handmade, so the actual finish product is something totally unique and perfect.

I’ll Be There World Necklace

This is a very special wonderful necklace that has a touching message that is certain to tug at Mom’s heartstrings. It has a clear message that can be shown by opening the necklace, and when it’s closed it features two trees with the words behind them. It is marked as a definite conversation starter.

Jewelry Display Stand Tree

If Mom has a lot of accessories and jewelry. This Tree of Life jewelry holder is the solution. It has a bowl as a base which is used for holding all kinds of knick-knacks, and then branches out of it which is used to hold bracelets, earrings, necklaces, ring… etc. It takes a shape of cluttered dresser top which makes it more decorative.

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Handmade Seasons Terrarium Necklace

The design of these handmade terrarium necklaces are to suit the different seasons, and they are made of natural items that give them an organic touch. You can get your mom all the four models so she can change from a season to another, or choose her favorite season as she can be close to it all the yearlong.

Personalized Mom’s Heart Necklace

Keep those close to your mom to touch her heart, close to her chest with this gorgeous necklace that is sure to admire. Personalize this sterling silver ornament with up to six 2.5mm birthstones. They coincide with up to six names (fit to 12 characters each).

Elephant Jewelry Ring Holder

This lovely little baby Elephant was made for a certain purpose, and for that it you see mom’s rings carried on its little nose. It is a great way to prevent the rings from getting lost, and it’s also to keep them out and available if you want to use. This is a wonderful and perfect gift if your mom likes to accessorize with rings.

Mother Child Owl Lucky Pendant Necklace 

Make your mother feel that she never flies alone. This adorable classy Mother Owl necklace is made of pure silver, decorated with cubic zirconium, and the baby owl is 24K gold.

Glow Necklace Big Dipper Nebula Pendant Glow

Did you know about the story of Ursa Major or Ursa Minor ? (aka the Big Dipper and Little Dipper) It is the story of a mother and a child whose love was so strong that they were immortalized in the stars. It you gift your mom this beautiful necklace that sports a glow in the dark nebula showcasing the big dipper. It will be the most perfect motherhood necklace for Mother’s Day.