kitchen Gift ideas for the Mom 2019

Moroccan Tea glasses


You can find these tea glasses in many various colors so you can decide which one best suits your mood at any time. They are in a Moroccan style so that they will suit any kitchen decor that has a Mediterranean touch. You can also use them for placing a tea light in them and use them as a decor.

Waterproof Picnic Backpack | personalized picnic backpack

Mom can get ready to have a picnic when you see her picnic basket in a backpack fully stocked. It can have everything she’ll need to have a wonderful time, including glasses, dishware, and silverware. They’ve thought of everything carefully here, they make sure that the compartment insulates food, and there is a blanket for you just when you pick your spot.


Heart Tree cutting boards

It’s your chance to add your family name to this cutting board, as well as to choose the design you want it to be. You have the ability to choose between a silverware set, a pig, an elk, and a rolling pin. This allows you to choose mom’s favorite gift as well as the design she likes best.

Lovely Floral Garden Women’s Original Apron


Mom’s food is always wonderful, so she deserves a splendid apron to suit the delicious meals she prepares. Gift her this fashionable, almost dress-like apron made of 100% cotton and watch dad wink. A beautiful mom is always a happy mom!

Buddha Bowls

Great Vegan Gift, Perfect for Buddha Smoothie Bowls. This Buddha bowl is particularly designed so that mom can hold it with two hands and it fits nicely. It is bigger than the Buddha cup which is made for tea and coffee, and this particular model will be perfect to serve up a bowl of soup in which is very appropriate to cuddle up on a very cold day.

Personalized Ceramic Pie Dish

If mom has a talent to make the world’s best pies, she’ll certainly enjoy these personalized pie dishes. You can modify this with the pie name that your mom makes the best, and for this, she will be encouraged and enticed to make that pie many times, which pays dividends for the whole family.


Moroccan Mugs and Plates

These plates and mugs are really hand painted in Morocco, they were made by Moroccans. They have a very special look, and mom will definitely love having her morning coffee or tea using them. Moreover, They can be used as a part of the decoration on the table as well.

Personalized Slate Cheese Board with Handles

Try to help Mom produce cheese boards just like the ones you can find in fine restaurants, complete with chalk-drawn labels to identify each cheese. It has tapered edges, and can be wiped clean and she can use it more and more whatever her cheese selection changes. A nice gift to go along with this is a package of premium crackers to have the chance to enjoy with the cheese.

Ice Cubes for Wine

Wine Pearls are designed to be made from stainless steel, so they are dropped into the wine glass to keep the wine in a nice chilled temperature. It’s not to add ice to the wine that melts, no change to the taste of your wine will happen at all. It allows you save the wine at your own pace rather than drinking it in a very quick way.

Heavenly Tea Leaves Tea Sampler

If Mom likes to have a nice cup of tea, get her this green herbal tea kit so she can feel more frequent blissful time. This kit has the ability to break down each tea and the feelings they conjure up, so Mom can choose a cup of tea that gives her the desired effect according to her mood that she’s in or she wants to be in.

Small Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder 


Does mom start her mornings with this wonderful and stylish coffee grinder. This is a sporting non-slip rubber bottom and ceramic body. This is stylist which is surely designed to charm and entertain your mom.

Tea Infuser Gift Set of 2 Strainers

Give mom this fully adorable manatee shaped tea infuser that uses its flippers to hang around the tea glass! Say only “Get it for her already!”